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You have an expertise we think our community would appreciate!

I invite you to choose from the 3 opportunities below.

I'll share more in the video and you can scroll to read about each one.


Dynamic Women® Podcast & YouTube Guest

Be Heard and Seen: Become a Dynamic Women® Podcast Guest Featured on YouTube!

The Dynamic Women® Podcast is in the top 2.5% of all podcasts and has won five awards over its five years of weekly episodes.

Do you have a passion or knowledge you'd love to share with the world? This is your chance! We're looking for engaging individuals to be featured guests on our podcast, with the recording also uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Here's what you'll gain by joining us:

• Massive Exposure: Reach a targeted audience of engaged listeners on our podcast and viewers on YouTube.

• Credibility Boost: Position yourself as an authority in your field through an in-depth interview.

• Brand Recognition: Get your name and message out there to a wider audience.

• Content Creation: Repurpose the interview recording for your own blog, social media, or website.

• Networking Opportunities: Connect with the host and potentially other guests, opening doors to future collaborations.

• Long-Term Value: Podcast and YouTube videos have lasting power, bringing you new leads and clients for months or even years to come.


The 3 Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

  • Be Promoted to a New Market

    This Award-Winning podcast is for women entrepreneurs and professionals who want to be more dynamic, have more balance, and have more success in their lives. You will be positioned as an expert and interviewed so you can share about you and your expertise. You can even curate your own questions so you will share the most important pieces of content! Plus you will get featured on Youtube, gaining valuable exposure and building your credibility.

    Be the Star & Share Your Links

    On the Podcast, you will have the full Episode focused on you and your expertise. You'll share your full bio in the show notes, so people learn all about you. You can include your social platforms and contact details, so leads and opportunities can reach out. You can also include a giveaway and call to action, so you can further the conversation with the audience.

    Dynamic Women® Podcast Awards

    • #1 on the "Top 80 Career-Minded and Working Women Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021"

    • #3 on the "Top 50 Mom Podcasts" Awarded 3 years in a row!

    • One of the top 2.5% most popular shows out of 2,788,626 podcasts globally

    • Published 263+ Weekly Episodes and counting 

    What previous podcast guests are saying:

    "Diane is an engaging and dynamic interviewer!

    I love the diverse range of topics that are covered on the podcast, they are so relevant to my life."

    Desiree La Cas

    Graduate Architect

    & Director at LCI Design Inc

    "Thank you for a great podcast. I so appreciate your support. Great advice, well rounded guidance. You’re inspirational. Thank you!"

    Amy Color

    Intimacy Coach

    "It’s so refreshing & invigorating to hear the stories of women who’ve succeeded & who love to help others do the same."

    Scarlett De Bease

    Certified Image Consultant and

    Author of Stop Stressing About Dressing


    Dynamic Women® Leadership Secrets Author

    YOU'RE INVITED TO BE A PART OF Dynamic Women ® Leadership Secrets Book

    You'll boost your credibility, increase opportunities & profits! Be one of the Top Thought Leaders, Experts & Dynamic Women ​to 

    Share YOUR Stories & Secrets! Having a book and being a published author can be easy for you! Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

    Join the Series and be part of the 4th book where you'll be a published author in the next year guaranteed! You have 2 packages to choose from, click the button below to know more.


    The 3 Benefits of Being a Collaborative Author

  • Boomerang Business Back to You

    There are so many ways to bring in income from this opportunity:

    • Add the book to your current product offering and make more revenue from sales!

    • You can leverage it for more speaking engagements, and interviews! 

    • Sharing what you know is how you gain credibility and you become an authority in your area of expertise! 

    • Use your book as a way to get chosen by clients over your competitors!

    • Reach a bigger audience by having others share your story!

    FREE BONUS!!! I will share many other strategies to increase your leads and revenue from having a book.

    Be Part of a Select Group

    Not everyone is chosen for this opportunity. The accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals will be selected based on their expertise, commitment to serving others, and willingness to share their stories or secrets for living a confident life. You'll be able to connect with them and it opens doors for more collaborations! 

    I'll show you how! FREE BONUS!!!

    + Participate in a Group Strategy Session with your fellow authors to get to know each other and strategize your piece for the book.

    Learn & Grow Your Business

    A complete done for you book! PLUS!!!

    Book Writing Strategies Course

    • Writing template

    • What to write ideas

    • Strategy on how to bring business back to you

    Author-In-A-Box Program with

    • Pre-Written Book Press Release

    • 20+ ideas on how to sell books 

    • Pre-Written Book Sales Sheet 

    Purchase Wholesale Copies so you can make more income

    Promotional Materials to announce you're an author and promote the book


       + Promotion to Diane's Network

       + Exclusive Group Mastermind Day

       + Bring a Guest

    What Previous Authors Are Saying:

    "It's so amazing, I had no idea. It's so surreal. Writing a book was always a huge deal for me. It's a legacy that I can leave behind after I'm gone. I'm proud of it and keep showing it to other people to see I am part of this book."

    Anahita Shahrvini

    Founder & CEO of Gogo Bags

    "The format was straightforward, it was easy to follow. And it didn't take long at all. I think it's great for your career to have a published author credit in your repertoire of things that you can do. I would totally recommend other people do this too."

    Monika Blichar

    Founder of Monika's Art Boutique

    "Just do it! It's way easier to get over yourself and get out there and don't think about it.

    Find people that whose values align with yours and just go for it.

    Nareeta Stephenson

    Owner at Strawberries and

    Sunshine Healing Centre


    Collaborative Author, Podcast & YouTube Guest 

    Become a Dynamic Women® Podcast & YouTube Guest and Published Author

    Here's what you'll gain by becoming a Dynamic Women® Podcast and Youtube Guest and Author:

    Podcast and YouTube Feature: Be interviewed on the Dynamic Women® Podcast, reaching thousands of listeners worldwide. You'll also be a featured guest on my YouTube channel, expanding your online presence.

    Be a Collaborative Author in Dynamic Women® Leadership Secrets Book (Done-For-You): Establish yourself as an authority with a published chapter in the upcoming edition of Dynamic Women® Leadership Secrets. Our team will handle the editing and making it a done-for-you opportunity.

    Increased Visibility and Credibility: Gain recognition as a leader in your field. This exposure will attract new clients, business opportunities, and collaborations. Empower and Inspire Others: Share your journey and inspire women around the world to achieve their goals.



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